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maxscript  : a 3ds max coding language.
I have written a number of utilities, plugins, and simple automated tasks over the years. Although many were tailored to specific projects, I'll make some available here, from time to time. Automating tasks with scripted behavior is an important tool in any 3d artist's toolbox.

kit-tracknav: This simple trackview modeless dialog allows timleline key navigation specific to a single pickview track. With multiple instances for different tracks, they can improve animation workflow.

kit-quickselect: On the fly selection set floater. Select objects, toggle the target button to link that selection to one of the numbered buttons. Toggle target off, and the chosen number quickly selects the set.

kit-sel inex: imports/exports selection sets to an external file. For migrating a selection set into a file where it doesn't already exist.
typography Full service typography --font building, vector graphics, and layout design. At those times when text assumes center stage, understanding the history, conventions, and effects of strong typography can make the difference between a satisfactory design and an exceptional one.

puzzle eyeball graphic
 typography illus.
Chris Armstrong : 

As second unit lead for Coda Custom Boards and Skis, I've handled all of the company's graphic needs, from web graphics, to advertising, to automotive wraps. With Coda as the primary U.S. supplier of short run topsheet graphics, this included billboard resolution commissions from boutique ski manufacturers around the globe. Press layout, photography, 3d still images, hand drawing, whatever the challenge -- I love working in 2D.
cnc router at work
 mach3 screenshot
Chris Armstrong : 

As Second Unit Lead for Coda Custom Boards and Skis, I routinely prepped and ran the factory CNC router as part of the fabrication process. The wood core of every board or ski started as an Autocad file imported into Mastercam for preparation of a 3D toolpath in NC(numerically coded) G-code. ArcSoft's Mach3 then executed the code to drive the computer controlled machinery. Errors with heavy CNC machinery can damage the product, the machinery itself, and the people in the work area. My years getting my hands dirty in Coda's CNC pipeline gave me the testing essential to operate such indispensable but serious machinery.
serger thread winder development
 typography illus.
Serger Thread Winder : 

I designed, prototyped and fabricated copies of a drill bit for winding serger thread cones to address the old home sewing conundrum:

Serger and coverstitch sewing machines use 3-5 spools of cone serger thread at ~$5 per spool. Unfortunately, creation of a single garment rarely uses enough thread to empty one spool. So, if sewing a bright orange shirt, do you buy five spools of orange that you'll never use again, or do you find a way to split one spool into five usable spools?

Online tutorials offer many solutions involving hot glue, toilet paper rolls, and electric egg beaters. Electric winders marketed for the purpose cost more than a new sewing machine. My cheap solution was the invention of a drill bit to hold standard serger thread cones in conjuntion with a cone form for wrapping new cones from pattern. Poster board, construction paper, or paper shopping bags easily become new thread cones. Any drill or electric screwdriver easily winds thread onto the cones that will fit any serger or coverstitch machine without further modification. Designed in Autocad, exported to .stl for rapid prototyping, mold struck with silicon rtv, and subsequently fabricated in off white polymer resin plastic. A simple solution that works well.

iphone portrait, iphone landscape, normal monitor

Responsive Web Design (RWD): : 

RWD is, in layman's terms, a school of thought regarding how to get a website to display well no matter what device displays it, from a small smartphone to a multi-monitor gaming system. Usually, a designer accomplishes RWD by making a page's entire layout dependent upon the browser window width. Page elements are able to shift to new places as browser window real estate increases and decreases. Many argue that RWD is the future of web design.

dual monitor